This afternoon on Panhandle PBS, cozy up on the couch and enjoy a moment’s rest while watching On Story at 5:30. In the past, I have blogged about this television series multiple times and it has rarely, if ever, disappointed me. On Story is exceptional for the topics chosen to discuss and the people selected […]

In elementary school, I remember a group of my friends began imitating Mork from Ork by creating the iconic pronged hand gesture and shouting, “Nanu nanu!” With the advent of TV Land, 90s kids were exposed to a young and talented Robin Williams on the television show Mork & Mindy and his improvised comedy appealed […]

Drop all of your plans for this evening and settle in to watch Pioneers of Television at 7PM on Panhandle PBS. I say this with full confidence because tonight they are featuring some of the most hilarious television shows in history including The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mork & Mindy, and The Dick Van Dyke […]

I finally had a chance to watch the latest episode of Pioneers of Television (online, no less, check it out)! As I discussed in my previous blog, this episode focuses on the presence of race in television and accurate representation of various cultures and people, i.e., “Breaking Barriers.” It’s so difficult for someone of my […]

This week on Pioneers of Television, the issue of race is addressed by interviewing some of the most important African American, Latino American, and Asian American actors in history and the manner in which they broke the mould of America’s bigoted past on the television screen. On the silver screen, there was black face, yellow […]

When I entered film studies academia, I was not particularly interested in editing or cinematographic style, but rather the history of filmmaking. During my education, I’ve learned to love the unsung heroes of creating seamless or even jarring moments out of the narrative through editing and style. I feel I took many of the cinematic […]

When a decent television series pops up on Netflix, I pounce on them like a famished tiger in fear of it being removed before I finish the show. This past month, a series I’ve always enjoyed but have seen too few episodes appeared on the Recently Added section and I leapt at the opportunity. House […]