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On Story: Frank Darabont (Pt. 2)

After a chaotic week of convocation and family visiting me in the Great White North (which has since melted into a luscious green wonderland), I finally had the opportunity to view this week’s episode of On Story. How lucky we are to live in a world where your favourite shows can be streamed online! As […]

On Story: Frank Darabont

What do a clown targeting children’s fears, a living car, and a haunted hotel have in common? Their creator: Stephen King. King is one of the—if not THE—most well-known authors in the horror genre of literature.  If you’ve seen a horror film, you’ve likely seen an adaptation of his works. The man has written so […]

On Story: Breaking Bad (Pt. 2)

As promised, I watched both On Story and the first few episodes of Breaking Bad. My opinions speak volumes to the importance and greatness of On Story because I wish I had watched the interview with Vince Gilligan before the episodes. Hearing a creator touch on the relationship to his or her creation is, perhaps, […]

On Story: Breaking Bad

There must be something terribly wrong with me because I am resistant to new television series. Most of the time, a series must end and I wait for the ripple effect of the show in conversation to see if it was just a fad or something worth my time. If you think I’m joking, I […]

“I’m too old for this…”

This afternoon on Panhandle PBS, cozy up on the couch and enjoy a moment’s rest while watching On Story at 5:30. In the past, I have blogged about this television series multiple times and it has rarely, if ever, disappointed me. On Story is exceptional for the topics chosen to discuss and the people selected […]

Biopics: That’s Entertainment (Pt. 2)

Yesterday, I wrote about the entertainment value of the biopic in opposition to its historical accuracy. Again, movies are like CliffsNotes next to the original story, do some research if learning or knowledge is your goal because Hollywood can (and will) exaggerate. For this blog, I’d like to dwell on the entertainment aspect of biographical […]

Biopics: That’s Entertainment (Pt. 1)

Biographical films or “biopics” grace the theatre multiple times in a year. They can be raving successes, such as The Social Network (2010), or complete duds, like Hitchcock (2012), based on their production quality and audience appeal. Devotees of a specific person or event will gnash their teeth as historical inaccuracies flit across the screen […]