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Broadway or Bust: “And the winner is…”

What an upset! The producers of ‘Broadway or Bust’ certainly plucked my heartstrings until they snapped in this episode. I’m somewhat disappointed in their frame stories of the high schoolers; they should have given the top contenders’ interviews in equal amounts. Every fiber of my being was pulling for Brittany in the actress bracket because […]

Preview – Broadway or Bust: “And the winner is…”

The day has finally arrived! “And the winner is….” marks the last installment of ‘Broadway or Bust’ and I hate to see the show leave so soon. We can all find solace in knowing this episode will be jam-packed with talent, heartbreak, and — of course — two winners! Thinking back to my first grade […]

Broadway or Bust: “Boot Camp”

How do some shows last years and others — like ‘Broadway or Bust‘ — only consist of three episodes?! “Boot Camp” left me in the worst way possible! I need to know what happens and I need to know immediately. As promised, I’ve developed a concrete standing on who I feel possesses the all-around package […]

Preview – Broadway or Bust: “Boot Camp”

So, the next episode of ‘Broadway or Bust’ is titled “Boot Camp”. Let me tell ya, these high schoolers have already exceeded my durability even in the first episode. I generally avoid anything which requires endurance or patience; embarrassingly enough, I took the required class at Amarillo College instead of attending Badger Boot Camp… Anyhow, […]

Broadway or Bust: “The Casting Call”

Let me premise this blog with something I never thought I would say: I was wrong. Shocking, I know, but after viewing the first episode of ‘Broadway or Bust’ a slice of humble pie with a dollop of whipped cream was placed at my table. Perhaps the preview was a bit misleading, but hey, I […]

Preview: ‘Broadway or Bust’

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing the Broadway cast of “WICKED” perform in Kitchener, Ontario. The sets, costumes, music, and casting were top of the line and I left the theatre with a satisfaction rivaling that of a stomach full of homemade pumpkin pie. Since I can remember, my parents and sister raised […]