The name’s Hilary, but folks call me Hil.

Photo by Amy Presley

The name’s Hilary, but folks call me Hil. I am currently in the film studies program at a university in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Well, why would a gal from the Texas Panhandle move to Canada of all places? In short: the film studies department at my school focuses on research, theory, and historical aspects of film rather than filmmaking and that’s right up my alley of interests. Plus, I live a short distance from Niagara Falls… what’s not to love?

As far as film preference, I adore everything from the black and white celluloid of yesteryear to the brilliance and superiority of Meryl Streep. There’s no doubt about it, film is my passion and that’s the primary focus of this blog. So, get into those comfy sweatpants, microwave some popcorn, and join me in taking a second look at some of the programming about the “business we call show”.



  1. I must say you’ve got an amazing blog here.

    1. Thank you very much!

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