“I’m too old for this…”

This afternoon on Panhandle PBS, cozy up on the couch and enjoy a moment’s rest while watching On Story at 5:30. In the past, I have blogged about this television series multiple times and it has rarely, if ever, disappointed me. On Story is exceptional for the topics chosen to discuss and the people selected to interview on the movie industry. If you’ve found yourself pondering the manner in which screenwriters design scripts or how producers tie it all together, On Story will satisfy your curiosity.

I watched Lethal Weapon for a detective film course this past semester and garnered a greater appreciation for the type of story it delivers with carefully designed characters. Understanding the relationship between Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Murtaugh (Danny Glover) allows those of us without the hankering for action at every turn to appreciate a narrative development. Am I admitting that I enjoyed an action film? Perhaps, but it is completely owed to the writer and director, Shane Black.

In today’s episode, Shane Black will be discussing the significance of raising stakes, unexpected reversals, and satisfying payoffs in films such as Rocky, La Femme Nikita, and The Long Goodbye. If you love a good action flick or appreciate narrative structure, this interview will surely whet your appetite to switch on Lethal Weapon and remember why Danny Glover is getting “too old for this shit.”


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