Monthly Archives: February 2014

Road to the Oscars: Dallas Buyers Club

Among my friends, I receive a lot of flack for rejecting films based on their “moral” content. I guess that’s just Classical Hollywood indoctrinated deep within me, in addition to being raised in the Bible belt. You better believe I will loathe a film based on the amount of sex, drugs, swearing, and violence. Dallas […]

Road to the Oscars: Nebraska

I’m pulling the old switch-er-oo again due to the availability of films. Instead of Dallas Buyers Club this week, I had the privilege of watching Alexander Payne’s Nebraska. Like 12 Years a Slave, Nebraska has received endless praise from my friends, colleagues, and family members. Due to my negative experience with 12 Years, I erred […]

Shirley Temple: Goodnight, my friend.

Over the past couple of months, I have experienced major changes in my life. I began my final semester of my undergraduate degree while balancing the emotion of my grandmother going through surgery to remove cancer in her breast. On top of those situations, friends have come and gone and my parents painted my childhood […]

Road to the Oscars: Her

Telling someone you’re going to see Her is like playing a game of “Who’s on first?”: “I’m going to see Her.” “Who?” “Not ‘who’… Her.” “Who is she?” Her has received a handful of nominations ranging from Best Picture to Best Original Screenplay. While I don’t believe the film will win Best Picture, I do […]

A Cautionary Blog: I, Frankenstein

Pardon the interruption from our Road to the Oscars. I’ve had scheduling conflicts all week with classes and the screening time for Nebraska. Fortunately, (or perhaps unfortunately?) my class went on a field trip to see a movie in 3D… and I feel it is my civil duty to tell you all to steer clear […]