Road to the Oscars

For the first time ever, I sat down and watched the Golden Globes. I’ve been told several times today that I don’t deserve a film degree for this act of heresy. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the greatest draw for me because I frequently claim their television personas, Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope, as my spirit animals. They, of course, lived up to my expectations. Surprisingly, I enjoyed these awards much more than the Oscars and then I started thinking about the impending Academy Awards and realized I have not seen enough of the films that will inevitably receive a nomination. Therefore, I am inviting all of you on the road to the Oscars with me.

On January 16th, the Academy Award nominations will be announced and I plan on seeing as many of the major motion pictures nominated based on availability until the air-date of the Oscars on March 2nd. Admittedly, I’ve already seen a few of the films in 2013, but I still felt lost watching the Golden Globes. Until then, I will be viewing and analyzing one (maybe two) film(s) a week and writing a Double Take involving my thoughts going into the film and my opinion following. Hopefully, this will allow me to make educated guesses when the red carpet rolls out.

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 11.07.48 PM

This week, I will be attending a screening at a local cinema to see Philomena. The film won first runner up at Toronto International Film Festival for the People’s Choice Award and received nominations at the Golden Globes. I can only assume, at this point, Philomena will also receive Oscar nominations, as well. After a miserable week of traveling, I need a good laugh and I’m a sucker for Dame Judi Dench. I’m trying my hardest to avoid complete plot synopsis because I don’t want to spoil the ending, but I have been told it involves convents and a long, lost son. Based on the track record of films featuring convents, this is sure to strike a chord with me… if only it involved Dame Julie Andrews, then I’d really be on board. In addition to the themes in the film, I’m pulling hard for Emma Thompson to win Best Actress at the Oscars for Saving Mr. Banks, so I want to know what she’s up against. I’m still a little upset about Cate Blanchett’s win at the Golden Globes for Blue Jasmine, but such is life. Will Judi Dench convince me otherwise? Find out later this week…


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