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2013’s Best: Gravity

One of my guilty pleasures is a film starring Sandra Bullock titled Two Weeks Notice (2004) and for this reason I am compelled to watch most films with her in the lead role… that is until she became ridiculous with The Lake House (2005) and I really did not enjoy The Blind Side (2009). Call […]

2013’s Best: Saving Mr. Banks

Hold onto your hats… I’m going to be blogging about films made not only in this century, but in the past year! Sometimes I do make time for new films if I hear they are worthy of my time and attention. That sounds snootier than I intended, but I am picky.  For the first blog, […]

Christmastime is Here: In the Good Old Summertime

Usually something lesser-known is lesser-known for a reason. Orson Welles movies aside from Citizen Kane and Touch of Evil? Yeah, not the best. However, I know there are those films we each have that mean something significant to us that may or may not appeal to others. I like The Shop Around the Corner, I’ll […]

Christmastime is Here: The Shop Around the Corner

Before the days of e-Harmony and, couples near and far interacted with love letters and personal ads in the newspaper. Try to imagine waiting days, weeks, and even months before finding out something as simple as their favourite colour! There were no notifications to let them know who read their advertisement and when it […]

Christmastime is Here: The Bishop’s Wife

In preparation for this blog, I rewatched The Bishop’s Wife (1947) to refresh my memory on a few things. Maybe I’m older and I daren’t call myself wiser, but this film struck me differently this time around. This is the second Christmas film of my double take with films featuring Karolyn Grimes and also classic […]

Christmastime is Here: It’s a Wonderful Life

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past twenty years, chances are you’ve seen It’s a Wonderful Life. Admittedly, when I think of this movie, I have purely happy thoughts based on the film’s conclusion. At the heart of it, the message is bleak for the majority of the film. I sense […]

Christmastime is Here: Christmas in Connecticut

In my last blog, I wrote about the humour in nostalgia. Part of the humour is based on those holiday disasters that bring families and friends closer together. Think about it… we wait all year for Christmas and Thanksgiving because of our favourite foods and the gifts, only to have the charade crumble before our […]