Wasting My Time (Pt. 2)

Today’s blog may seem a bit angry for the first portion, but I promise I will fill your heart with marshmallow puff goodness eventually. To continue the theme of time wasting (and perhaps guilty pleasures), I’d like to bring up one of my personal favourite actresses of all time and my favourite film with her in the lead role. But first…. I must premise why I want to waste my time watching this particular film.

Lately, I’ve had to watch multiple films with sex at the forefront. Yes, I know… “Hilary, this is the 21st century, get with the program.” I tried for years to avoid the hilarious teen sex comedies my friends were watching in middle and high school because I thought the trailers looked ridiculous. When I watched Superbad (2007) this week, my assumptions were correct. I am depressed to live in world where this is hilarious and mainstream. I know there are some duds in the Classical Hollywood era, simply because of how the studio system was choreographed, but at least I can walk away without feeling like I need to wash my mouth out with soap.

I would rather be wasting my time with Shirley Temple. This is time I enjoy wasting. I’d love nothing more than to be on the Good Ship Lollipop eating Animal Crackers in my soup. You know that part in Jagged Edge (1985)when Glenn Close takes a shower because she needs to wash the filth off of her from sleeping with the killer? That’s exactly why I love Shirley — I feel clean again! She’s the false beacon of hope and a nostalgic reminder of the reason why I wish I was still four years old.

What’s not to love? Actually, don’t answer that question. Your answer is invalid… look at her…

My favourite Shirley Temple film is Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938). At this point in Shirley’s career she had been on the big screen for six years and was becoming a seasoned little actress. One of the most striking scenes is when she sings the medley of her past songs. Her attitude and actions in this scene remind me of an adult… how many children can have enough songs for a greatest hits medley?

I have hard time accepting our culture values sex over a mind-bending script. That our future children and grandchildren will look back on teen sex comedies and wonder if we acted this way. Then again, are people in the 1950s generation offended by Rebel Without a Cause (1955)? I’d much rather be watching Shirley Temple because it’s an image of innocence, without corruption, and that’s something we all still agree upon.

So, if I had one wish to make… this is the wish I would choose:


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