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Cinema and Conspiracy: Executive Action

In my last blog, I analyzed the cinematographic and editing techniques used in Oliver Stone’s JFK to incite conspiracy in the minds of audiences. The next film I will be discussing attempts to stir the same emotions in regards to President Kennedy’s assassination, but in a different fashion. Executive Action (Miller 1973) is one of […]

Cinema and Conspiracy: JFK

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination, so I felt compelled to watch Oliver Stone’s JFK (1991) for the first time. While I had no idea the film was three hours until I was halfway into it, the time flew. Stone’s execution of Jim Garrison’s (Kevin Costner) investigation and conspiratorial trial […]

Wasting My Time (Pt. 2)

Today’s blog may seem a bit angry for the first portion, but I promise I will fill your heart with marshmallow puff goodness eventually. To continue the theme of time wasting (and perhaps guilty pleasures), I’d like to bring up one of my personal favourite actresses of all time and my favourite film with her […]

Wasting My Time (Pt. 1)

When I write for this blog, I’m juggling a number of assignments each involved with film in some way, shape, or form. Being in film studies can be exhausting. Watching a film for analysis is not the same as sitting down to watch a movie for pleasure. Many of the films I watch are not […]

You Old Poop! (Pt. 2)

Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) is one of my favourite films of all time, without question. There are negative attitudes surrounding some elements of the narrative, such as race relations and the true nature of Ruth and Idgie’s relationship, but I think when you’re worrying about that… you miss the point! This film is about storytelling and […]

You Old Poop! (Pt. 1)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been deemed an old soul. This title has never offended me — in fact, I find it flattering. Growing up, I was taught to respect my elders and I found the task to be easy because I could relate closely to their interests. Above their interests, I […]

Maternal Monsters (Pt. 2)

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween celebrations! This past week, I participated in a screening of the classic adaptation of the Stephen King novel Carrie (1976). No, I have not had the opportunity to see the new Carrie featuring Julianne Moore, but the mixed reviews have deterred my interest. If you have seen it, […]