Monthly Archives: September 2013

Documentary Disconnect (Pt. 1)

Evidently, I’m failing as a film student. PBS released a list of the 100 greatest documentaries of all time voted by readers and I have only seen 16. No need to rub your eyes — yes, that says sixteen. Mind you, I’ve seen over 90 of AFI’s Greatest Films list and there are many documentaries […]

Teacher’s Pet (Pt. 4)

Now, I’m not the emotional type. There are a few cinematic moments, however, which cause wads of tears to pour down my cheeks because I find them so touching. One of these scenes takes place in the film Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995). Before I tell you which scene, I’d like to talk a little bit […]

Teacher’s Pet (Pt. 3)

If I have never expressed the importance of 1939 in film, this is a situation in which the opportunity presents itself. Scholars combat about the pivotal year in film history and it seems no one can come to a consensus. My opinion, as invaluable as it may be, tends to lean towards the greatest year […]

Teacher’s Pet (Pt. 2)

This school year started with a whimper. My blog has been delayed due to illness, but I’ve been popping Advil Cold & Sinus and cough drops as often as possible and I do believe I’m on the road to recovery. Hopefully the other students out there have experience a more prosperous beginning! Continuing with the […]