But, you know you ain’t no man: Heart (Pt. 1)

Occasionally, I blog about reality and not just the recesses of my mind. Sometimes I would like to believe my daytime reveries about living in a classic film world are a reality, but there are moments which allow me to snap out of it and enjoy life in the present. Usually these moments come in the form of a trip to the theatre, a brush with fame, or, in  my case this week, a concert. Not just any concert, a Heart concert. For my first post, I’d like to take you back to the 1970s where it all began for Heart because I find there is a general ignorance about the calibre of this band and the magic of the Wilson sisters.

Usually, when I mention Heart, the most common responses is “Who?” I just want to grab their cheeks and shake them! Okay, maybe not shake them… but perhaps sit them down and give them a lecture. Without Heart, the music industry, the rock industry, would not be the same. Although the band initially began as a group of men, the Wilson sisters joined and Heart forever became the face of women in rock.

Ann and Nancy Wilson joined Heart in the early 1970s and got their start in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their debut album Dreamboat Annie was recorded in Vancouver and they found fame with the songs “Crazy on You” and “Magic Man”… perhaps the opening riff is familiar to you?

Once they became successful, their impact became less about music and more about the fact that they were women in a rock band. Ann and Nancy have always emphasized that they did not want to be seen in a sexist light, but rather as people who love music and come together to create an art form. These women sang the songs, played the instruments, and oftentimes wrote the lyrics to their music — although, they were, shamefully, asked if their guitars were actually plugged in after live concerts.

Due to the patriarchal society we live in, they were referred to as “female Led Zeppelin.” Fortunately, they became so much more than the female Led Zeppelin because they proved their musical chops for decades to come, constantly changing with the style of music that suited the era of their lives. Heart became the standard by which every woman following in their footsteps must adhere to and, in my opinion, no one has been able to top them!

The bewitching bass in “Magic Man”, the galloping guitar riff of “Barracuda” along with biting lyrics, the iconic “Alone”, and the mystifying “These Dreams” are only a few of the ways in which Heart made their mark on music history. So, before I recount my experience this past Tuesday, take the time to listen to Heart! I’ll be a sweetheart and post another video for you.


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