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But, you know you ain’t no man: Heart (Pt. 1)

Occasionally, I blog about reality and not just the recesses of my mind. Sometimes I would like to believe my daytime reveries about living in a classic film world are a reality, but there are moments which allow me to snap out of it and enjoy life in the present. Usually these moments come in […]

Please don’t say “eh?” (Pt. 2)

Along with film, I love music. I’ve written a few blogs a music in the past (mostly about the Beatles) and I love when music and film combine. Yes, I wrote about film composition not long ago, as well. Today, three of the things I love are going to intersect and I’m not sure my […]

Please don’t say “eh?”

Florence Lawrence. Mary Pickford. Christopher Plummer. John Candy. James Cameron. Michael J. Fox. I could continue, but I’d like to get to the gist of the blog before I bore you to tears. What do these actors and directors have in common? Good luck trying to figure that one out. I’ll wait… Give up? Canada! […]

The light, the heat… (Pt. 2)

One of the most evident signs of heat is sweat. Yes, I’m being Mrs. Obvious, but go with me here. In the last post, I touched briefly on 12 Angry Men and the presence and importance of heat within the film. The same can be applied to many courtroom dramas (though 12 Angry Men barely […]

The light, the heat…

It’s HOT! Not just in the Texas Panhandle (which I know from everyone’s weather status updates), but also up north in Ontario. People who are not from the Texas Panhandle believe conversing about weather indicates the conversation is dwindling and becomes the only commonality worth talking about. At home, I had friend or foe asking […]

Compose Yourself: Film Scores (Pt. 2)

In preparation for this blog about contemporary composers, I tried to think on the obscure side of the film score spectrum. But honestly, there is only one name that sums up film composition since the 1960s. What is Jaws without the rapid crescendo of the same two notes over and over? What is Star Wars […]