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Memorial Day: War Films (Pt. 2)

First of all, I warned you. My favourite “war” films are designed around… drama, hardship, and romance. There is minimal gore and minimal war in both films. If you close out your computer window after this next line, I will not blame you. My favourite “war” films are Gone with the Wind (1939) and Waterloo […]

Memorial Day: War Films (Pt. 1)

With Memorial Day just around the corner, I know many people find themselves wanting to watch films which were representative of past wars or soldiers. Although inaccurate, films are the closest way in which audiences can identify with or “experience” the situations happening on war fronts and battle fields without actually being present. If you […]

Don’t be so melodramatic… (Pt. 2)

Like most students, I have a love-hate relationship with my program. There are times when I really do not want to watch a film, but am required to engage in dialogue about the film in class… so my options are limited. The times when I love my field of study occur when I am introduced […]

Don’t be so melodramatic… (Pt. 1)

About a year ago, I was in a class which analyzed melodrama in terms of film theory. The course was heavy-laden with emotion, family, home, and concepts which challenged our ideas of melodrama and its audiences. Each time the class would reconvene, our professor would ask us if we cried (I did a few times!) […]

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It: The Wizard of Oz (Pt. 2)

Remakes must be handled delicately. Prequels, sequels, or even mere extensions of filmic classics are risky endeavors. Cheaper by the Dozen was unimpressive. Alice in Wonderland was typical. There has never been a great adaptation of Gatsby, so I have hope for Leo DiCaprio. Taking The Wizard of Oz and altering it in any form […]

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It: The Wizard of Oz

Uh oh, here comes Negative Nellie again as she moans about the 21st Century spoiling all of her fun. Yeah, yeah… but I think I have valid points. First of all, I saw Andrew Lloyd Webber’s adaptation of The Wizard of Oz in Toronto last night. The actors were great and I loved the new […]

Whatever Happened to Comedy? (Pt. 2)

Okay, yesterday, I may have been a bit harsh about contemporary comedy. But I’m going to try to make a good case for classical Hollywood and the screwball comedy today. Identify a Screwball Comedy 101: Was the film made during the Great Depression? Most screwball comedies were made between 1934 and 1940. The genre is […]