Spoiler Alert!: Keep It Sacred, People (Part One)

I’m going to warn you: this post may be infested with spoilers; enter at your own risk.

My roommate is slowly making her way through the Harry Potter series for the first time. First of all, if you’ve read the books, think of all the Harry Potter references you see and/or hear on a daily basis. Tons? Well, if you’re part of the millennial generation, I’m here to tell you… you see Harry Potter references all the time. If it’s not something about dementors or the final Battle of Hogwarts, it’s an obscure reference to horcruxes and major spoilers alike. Up until now, she has avoided the spoilers/final scenes of the first five books. Today, my roommate had a major death spoiled for her… and I have never felt such remorse for someone in all of my life.

One of the best aspects of reading a new book or watching a film for the first time is the element of surprise or suspense. Let’s talk specifics: The Sixth Sense. You’re trailing along, following young Cole and wondering what on earth is up with this kid. Then BOOM [spoiler alert!] he sees dead people. What?! “They only see what they want to see…” Holy cow! Bruce Willis is dead! He didn’t see the bookshelf in front of the door with the red knob — I’m going off of memory here — he only sees what he wants to see. As a young girl, the ending of The Sixth Sense blew me out of the water. I could not believe how brilliant it was… I would have never guessed.

Nowadays, we all chuckle and make jokes about spiritual mediums or quote in passing, “I see dead people.” Hilarious, folks, hilarious. But wait, what if the person you’re telling this to has no clue what you’re talking about and then you have to reveal a massive spoiler for the film? They will never get the thrill of the “a-ha!” moment. I have never seen Fight Club, but I have had the ending spoiled for me so many times that I don’t see the point in trying anymore. Why do I want to watch something when I know everything about it?

So, this blog is going to be a precursor to another blog (posted tomorrow) about Alfred Hitchcock’s films and spoiling the master of suspense. My hope for these posts is a call for keeping spoilers sacred for generations to come… yes, I am being a hypocrite. Just look at this blog. Tell me, what is the worst spoiler you have ever experienced? Did you cry on the inside?


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  1. Spoilers suck.. the impact is lost.

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