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Spoiler Alert!: Spoiling the Master of Suspense (Part Two)

Warning: this post may be infested with spoilers; enter at your own risk. I had the privilege of being introduced to classic films at a young age. Doris Day in With Six You Get Eggroll… James Stewart and June Allyson in The Glenn Miller Story… and Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain. Few children […]

Spoiler Alert!: Keep It Sacred, People (Part One)

I’m going to warn you: this post may be infested with spoilers; enter at your own risk. My roommate is slowly making her way through the Harry Potter series for the first time. First of all, if you’ve read the books, think of all the Harry Potter references you see and/or hear on a daily […]

Wes Anderson: Ironic and Idealized America (Pt. 2)

Yesterday, I spoke mostly about film as art and how Wes Anderson’s films, to me, are the best representatives of that notion. Words, dialogue, and narrative structures also fit into “the arts”. Words create images in our heads, spark imagination, conjure deep sorrow, and tickle our funny bones (wherever that may be). I remember thinking […]

Wes Anderson: Ironic and Idealized America (Pt. 1)

Over the past century, theorists have combatted to-and-fro about film as an art form. Is film meant to capture reality? Or is film meant to formulate a new reality for its audiences to consume? I find myself leaning toward the formative approach; if I’m going to watch a film, I want to escape. I want […]

Michael Feinstein’s American Songbook: On the Air

As I’ve mentioned before in the past, I worked a short stint at two radio stations in Amarillo. At FM90, some of the equipment from decades past were stored to show students, like myself at the time, how technology has changed over the years. I couldn’t fathom—quite frankly, I still don’t understand—how they managed to […]

Michael Feinstein’s American Songbook: Let’s Dance

Somehow my wires crossed and I blogged about the wrong episode for the preview! My apologies. Instead, I had the pleasure of viewing the “Let’s Dance” episode featuring Liza Minnelli and loads of unseen footage of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Where to begin? I love Michael Feinstein’s determination to learn the steps of legendary […]

Preview — Michael Feinstein’s American Songbook: Show Tunes

I’d say 8 o’ clock is the best time to watch television. You’re not really concerned about dinner anymore, the dishes have been stowed… yet, it’s not quite bedtime. Lucky for you, tonight at 8, KACV has season 3 of Michael Feinstein’s American Songbook! If you can recall (long, long ago… in a galaxy far, […]