Preview — Just Seen It

A heads up for Downton Abbey fans: Just Seen It will be featuring an entire retrospective on the first three seasons to refresh your memories (as if it needed refreshing, I know you’ve all watched every episode twenty times). The cherry on top is looking toward the future of the show and discussing what may or may not happen in the fourth season.

If you’ve never had a chance to watch Just Seen It, it’s well worth your time if you want to keep up to date with the entertainment industry. The team of industry professionals keep tabs on our viewing habits — creepy, I know —and let you know if you should see, stream, or skip current films in theatres, shows on TV, and cable.

This week they will be looking at everyone’s favourite cave peoples, The Croods. Unless, of course, The Flinstones are your favourite cave peoples — that’s totally justified. I’ve heard great reviews about The Croods from untrustworthy people, so I look forward to their point-of-view. Other items on the review list are Dead Man Down, Spring Breakers, and, as I said before, Downton Abbey. Tune in this Sunday @ 5:30PM on KACV!


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  1. Thanks for posting on us! – David Freedman – Show Runner for JUST SEEN IT

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