Preview: Live from Lincoln Center — Kristin Chenoweth

Long ago, when I first started blogging for KACV, I expressed my love for Kristin Chenoweth and all that she does (okay, maybe not GCB). You can imagine my excitement when Live from Lincoln Center — Kristin Chenoweth: Dames of Broadway popped up on the program guide! To spell out the message of this blog for you: you’re going to watch this tonight at 7 with me and you are going to like it.

Back in 2008, I fell in love with the voices of two women: Judy Garland and Kristin Chenoweth. Both have small frames (4’11”) and powerhouse vocals — since Garland is deceased, I thank God for another woman like Chenoweth to carry on this tradition of being a tiny package with a massive voice. My first exposure to Cheno was on the short-lived show Pushing Daisies in 2007. As Jim Dale, the narrator, explained, her character, Olive, would burst out in song because “[she] often imagined there was an orchestra in her heart. Music heard only by her except when her heart broke open and it spilled out into the world.” Her performances were breathtaking in terms of vocal ability, but her comedic timing is unbeatable. Here, I’ll just show you:

As I continued to watch Pushing Daisies, there were little pockets of Cheno singing and I wanted to know more about her performance background… and along came YouTube. I found out about her stint in the Broadway shows Wicked and You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Go search for them! You’ll be mesmerized for hours. There was one song that I LOVED called The Girl in 14G. I’m tellin’ ya, after I watched this on my long trail of YouTubing, I was hooked from that moment on:

Needless to say, I am excited for her performance tonight and anxious to see which Broadway Dames she will be honouring in her songs. If you’re looking for something to watch, look no further. Kristin Chenoweth will keep you pinned to your sofas and you’ll be asking for more! Turn on your television at 7PM on KACV for Live from Lincoln Center — Kristin Chenoweth: Dames of Broadway. Check back here for my Double Take…


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