Monthly Archives: March 2013

Preview — Just Seen It

A heads up for Downton Abbey fans: Just Seen It will be featuring an entire retrospective on the first three seasons to refresh your memories (as if it needed refreshing, I know you’ve all watched every episode twenty times). The cherry on top is looking toward the future of the show and discussing what may […]

Live from Lincoln Center — Kristin Chenoweth

The other day I was studying with a group of friends… you know, “studying” and we were talking about various stars and films. Somehow, Kristin Chenoweth become a hot button issue. “I… don’t… like her,” one of my friends growled. I felt a sadness wash over my body, “B-b-but, why?” “She annoyed me so much […]

Preview: Live from Lincoln Center — Kristin Chenoweth

Long ago, when I first started blogging for KACV, I expressed my love for Kristin Chenoweth and all that she does (okay, maybe not GCB). You can imagine my excitement when Live from Lincoln Center — Kristin Chenoweth: Dames of Broadway popped up on the program guide! To spell out the message of this blog […]

PBS Film Festival: CatCam

Yesterday marked the end of the first PBS Online Film Festival and, I must say, it was better than I expected. When I think of film festivals… I think of bizarro-awkward-wonky films that venture out of my comfort zone and force me to think more intellectually than I normally do during films. The PBSFF had […]

PBS Film Festival: Anagrams, Asthma, and Africa

As of today, I’ve watched ten of the short films in the PBS film festival and the variety is unbelievable. Ars Magna (latin for “great art” and also an anagram for… anagram) follows the life of an anagramist — apparently, they exist — and a short film like Worlds Apart follows the troubles of those […]

These Amazing Shadows: Independent Lens (2011)

If I asked “what film is the most important film to you”, what would you say? The question is less about choosing your favourite child (i.e., what is your favourite movie?) and more about the meaning of a film and its impact on your life. This Monday, I met two filmmakers who asked me this […]

Preview — PBS Online Film Festival

If the Lumiere Bros. were alive today, they would be baffled. They were some of the earliest filmmakers in history and produced short films called actualités or, plainly, actualities. Workers were filmed leaving their factory and a train arriving at its station; they were simple but effective — where would our film industry be without […]