“The Biggest Robbery Since Brinks”


Have you ever mentioned Grace Kelly in front of a Judy Garland fan and violence ensued? Probably not, but this rivalry is an actual problem. I generally care about matters that, well, don’t… matter. However, I am a Judy Garland fan, so, a word to the wise: don’t speak highly of Grace Kelly in front of me. I will probably rip your head off. No, not literally… but perhaps with a nice lecture about the 1955 Oscar ceremony. The title of this blog is Groucho Marx’s response to the outcome of the Best Actress category.

Let me take you back to 1954…

Of course, that’s the year that The Country Girl came out. What? You’ve never heard of it? And you call yourself a film buff? I think not! Just kidding. You probably know everything about films and it’s okay to skim over The Country Girl because it’s a pile of unmemorable garbage. Yet, somehow… Grace Kelly won the Oscar over Judy Garland’s performance in the first musical version of A Star is Born.


Facts About A Star is Born

  • Judy Garland came out of a four year hiatus to act for this role.
  • One of her best performances… of all time.
  • Just listen to “The Man That Got Away”
  • “Hello everyone, this is Mrs. Norman Maine…” is one of the most recognizable quotes in film history.

So, everyone thought Judy was a shoo-in to win. She was in the hospital after delivering her son, Joey Luft, and the Academy sent camera crews to her room to capture the moment she accepted the Oscar win. Then Grace Kelly swoops down like the Wicked Witch of the West and wins the Oscar for Best Actress in The Country Girl. I don’t care if she was required to look “ugly”; that does not qualify an Oscar win even remotely! Bette Davis dressed down and performed brilliantly in Of Human Bondage in 1934 and did not win the Oscar… so, if Bette couldn’t, why should Grace? Logic, people, logic.

Judy Garland had the best attitude about everything. She was upset about the Oscar loss, but makes light of it in interviews and on her show in upcoming years (see below). Just because Judy had the best attitude, does not mean her fans do… just watch A Star is Born, you’ll see why!

I know this is meaningless information, but I wanted to give you all time to think about past Oscar shake-ups that affected you! Why do the Oscars affect us? You’ll be hearing from me again soon as I discuss the possibilities for this year’s Academy Award Nominations. Until then… let me know some of your favourite Oscar upsets!


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