Preview — Pioneers of Television: Miniseries

Tonight marks the final installment of Pioneers of Television this season. I know… I know… you want it to last longer! I do, too. Perhaps they’ve saved the best for last. The episode focuses on miniseries which were based on novels ranging from the ever popular Roots to The Thorn Birds. For readers who were not around during the hey-day of Roots (late 1970s), one of the main characters was a young LeVar Burton… does the name ring a bell? No?


Oh c’mon, you remember him from Reading Rainbow!

The only miniseries I remember watching as a child was Lorna Luft’s Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows. I’ve watched it in recent years and, while I think it’s a load of hogwash nowadays, the miniseries made a lasting impression. Yes, some of the content is for audiences who remember these shows and remember waiting week after week to gain closure in these series. However, I encourage anyone of all ages to watch this episode of PoT and learn how these miniseries were gigantic and took the nation by storm.

Join me tonight @ 7PM on KACV for the… sniffle… last episode of Pioneers of Television!


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