Preview — Pioneers of Television: Primetime Soap Operas

Last week’s episode of Pioneers of Television was a promising start to the series. Television is something I feel our culture takes for granted. We live in an age of Netflix, Hulu, and instant streaming. If we miss our favourite show, we can DVR or TiVo the episode and watch it at our convenience. In the uprise of television, people didn’t have that luxury and patience was definitely a virtue for their generation. So, I am interested to learn about Primetime Soap Operas and the viewing culture during that era (which is, admittedly, not my area of expertise; I am only versed in late 90s episodes of Days of Our Lives, thanks to my grandmother’s viewing habits.)

I remember a conversation my parents had about the television they watched in the early years of their marriage. Their weeks were planned around the Primetime Soap Operas of the 1980s: Dallas, Falcon Crest, Dynasty… the list goes on. Every week they anticipated the next episode and eventually — like the rest of the nation — asked the age-old question, “Who shot J.R.?” In case you missed the episode of Dallas back in 1980, [SPOILER] the gun-happy Kristin Shepard was the culprit. Though, it is rumoured that extra footage exists with alternate endings in this whodunnit episode.

Tonight at 7PM on KACV, join me as stars from the greatest Primetime Soap Operas discuss how they pioneered a new avenue of television which still affects our programming today!


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