Preview — Pioneers of Television: Funny Ladies

Internet memes have gained popularity over the past few years and a common one floating around mimics the inspirational posters one might find in a classroom or doctor’s office. Probably a year ago, one of my friends found an inspirational poster meme featuring a photo of Lucille Ball hamming it up. The caption read: She didn’t use fart jokes, sex jokes, or random pop culture references in her show and she’s still remembered as one of the funniest women on earth.

Lucille Ball

I love Lucy, like many do, and tonight you can see her featured on the latest episode of “Pioneers of Television” along with many other funny ladies. The impact her television show and many others had on America and especially American cinema is monumental. Other women featured in this episode are Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, and the recently deceased Phyllis Diller. Without these ladies, we might not have shows like 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. What would with Golden Globes be without Tina Fey and Amy Poehler?

Join me at 7PM on KACV for an hour of television history that will surely make you split at the seams with laughter! For more information, always visit KACVs website: and be sure to check back tomorrow for a Double Take…


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