Austin City Limits: Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela gained a new fan last night. Their performance on Austin City Limits was entertaining, entrancing, and enjoyable. I love their chemistry onstage. Now I’m not the greatest guitar player in the world, but I do understand the principles of playing with other people and finding the balance between instruments. It is not an easy task. Rodrigo and Gabriela finish each other’s sentences musically, and it shows in their performance.

In the beginning, I feared the orchestra, C.U.B.A., would interfere with the actual performances of Rodrigo and Gabriela. For some reason, I just cannot stand musicians trying to spice something up when they have a “good thing” in the beginning. Perhaps the classical Hollywood mogul in me: if it works, let’s reproduce the same thing millions of times. Hey, the Studio System was highly profitable. The same goes for The Beatles; they were at the mercy of concert schedules and the industry. I guess going of the beaten path worked for them numerous times, though. I should be more trustworthy of the artist than I am. There were times when C.U.B.A. would step out of the picture and let Rodrigo y Gabriela shine.


In my previous post, I attached a link to their song “Tamacun” and I can say with full confidence that their live performance of “Tamacun” on Austin City Limits was the pinnacle of their concert. The greatest aspect of their performance, above the songs and talent, is the sheer enjoyment they have while playing the guitar. Many of the shots of Rodrigo and Gabriela displayed two people grinning from ear to ear! I know some people are just awkward onstage and don’t really know how to have a presence, but I think that determines the entire mood of your audience. If the performer looks like they’re enjoying it, then you should be, too! That’s what music is all about: community.

If you missed the latest airing of Rodrigo y Gabriela on Austin City Limits, KACV has the episode (along with many more) archived on their website. You’ll be hearing from me again sooner than you think as I preview The Pioneers of Television premiering tomorrow night!


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