Preview — Austin City Limits: Rodrigo y Gabriela

Tonight, Rodrigo y Gabriela will introduce their fusion of flamenco, jazz, and rock style music to the Austin City Limits audience. Before this week, I had never heard of them and had no clue what type of music to expect. After doing some research, I discovered the band originated in Mexico and traveled to Dublin, Ireland together where their fame skyrocketed from busking on the streets and performing in local pubs.

For a small taste of their music, here’s a video for your enjoyment:

My only exposure to flamenco music is from the various Mexican and Tex Mex restaurants dappled around Amarillo, so I am looking forward to this performance. The craft of flamenco guitar music is intricate and requires a high level of talent. Rodrigo y Gabriela will be accompanied by a Cuban orchestra called C.U.B.A and highlighting songs from their new album Area 52.

Join me tonight at 10PM on KACV for an evening of music and relaxation! If you’re not a Texan and would like to see this performance, KACV will have the episode on their website for those interested. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a Double Take…


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