Austin City Limits: Jack White

Jack White officially reminds me of Edward Scissorhands. A swift Google search will show you that I am not brilliant and that Jack White actually posed for a photoshoot as Edward Scissorhands. I’m assuming he went through the make-up department and neglected to comb his hair that morning because, truly, that’s the only differences I see.

I can't tell them apart.

I can’t tell them apart.

I’ve actually never seen a performance like this on Austin City Limits. Admittedly, I’m not a committed viewer and caught several episodes over the years, but I really loved the aesthetic of the staging and the outfits worn by White and the band members (although, his suit kind of reminded me of my Dad’s tuxedo at my parent’s wedding 31 years ago). Regardless, the white contrasted with the blue lighting was mesmerizing and the audience members seemed enthralled by the staging, as well.

Jack White was exactly what I expected him to be. His voice is not classically trained and if you go into this expecting the pipes of Frank Sinatra, you will be severely disappointed. However, White is great on the stage. He is an absolute wonder to watch play the guitar and is a master at his craft. I especially enjoyed his acoustic performance of the song written by Hank Williams — very appropriate for a Texas audience!

The songs I enjoyed most were, of course, from the White Stripes discography. Nearing the end of the concert, his performance of  “We Are Going to Be Friends” was a delight. He was accompanied by a violinist and chorus girls; the slide guitar was a compliment to White’s acoustic guitar. The only instance I have any sort of criticism is when he attempted to hit high notes. I was reminded of his performance of “That Would Be Something” at Paul McCartney’s Gershwin prize ceremony… and that… was not good. Overall, this was the most enjoyable performance I’ve seen on ACL in a few years!

If you’d like to catch it online, visit KACV’s website. They have the episode up for the month of January. You won’t be disappointed!


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