Austin City Limits: Sonic Youth and The Black Keys

Austin City Limits presentation of Sonic Youth and The Black Keys was like drinking a glass of iced water after playing a game of softball compared to the week preceding. While Sonic Youth was not my initial preference, their onstage presence was entertaining and energetic; Kim Gordon is phenomenally worthwhile even if her voice isn’t classically honed. However, the men of the hour were The Black Keys.

I am an old soul and old souls must be fed stylistically old elements in order to survive any given situation. Every day, I find myself trying to slip in some sort of classic film line or Beatles lyric to pass the time and survive. If you’ve ever seen Fritz Lang’s silent film Metropolis, I become like the Moloch Machine (pictured below). When the workers within my brain fail to receive the classic elements, the Moloch of my mind chews them up and replaces them with new workers. Yes, it is truly a dystopia.


The reason for this explanation is to emphasize why I like The Black Keys so much more, comparatively, than Sonic Youth. The Black Keys incorporate bluesy style guitars and concise drum beats. Their songs are catchy and coherent — which is what my classically trained brain desires. I expressed my interest for the song “Howlin’ For You” in the previous blog and their performance onstage met my every expectation. Their setlist, aside from Howlin’ was completely unfamiliar to me but I enjoyed most of the songs, especially the closing number “I Got Mine”.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch KACV’s airing of Austin City Limits featuring Sonic Youth and The Black Keys, I encourage anyone to watch tomorrow at 7PM or again on Friday at midnight. Now if you’re not awake at midnight (which I know you are because it’s Friday, c’mon), try to DVR the program or even check out Austin City Limits’ website for more details.

Happy New Year, y’all!


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