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Preview—Pioneers of Television: Superheroes

On this week’s episode of Pioneers of Television, you’re likely to shout “holy smokes!” because the theme is Superheroes. Again, I will be “schooled” in an area where my interests are lacking. My only enjoyable experience with superheroes is quite pitiful, so I ask your forgiveness before I tell you this… but I loved Mermaid […]

Pioneers of Television: Primetime Soaps

My exposure to soaps has been minimal. My recollection from childhood is Marlena being possessed by demons and John dying twelve times and then some sort of twin aliens landing on our planet in the addictive Days of Our Lives. I think I was ten the last time I watched and the plot was too […]

Preview — Pioneers of Television: Primetime Soap Operas

Last week’s episode of Pioneers of Television was a promising start to the series. Television is something I feel our culture takes for granted. We live in an age of Netflix, Hulu, and instant streaming. If we miss our favourite show, we can DVR or TiVo the episode and watch it at our convenience. In […]

Pioneers of Television: Funny Ladies

What a timely episode of Pioneers of Television! Today is Betty White’s 91st birthday. Happy Birthday, funny lady. Everyone take a moment to thank Betty and the handful of women who contributed to the the progression of women in pop culture — specifically television. The “Funny Ladies” episode was eye-opening and I’m so thankful for […]

Preview — Pioneers of Television: Funny Ladies

Internet memes have gained popularity over the past few years and a common one floating around mimics the inspirational posters one might find in a classroom or doctor’s office. Probably a year ago, one of my friends found an inspirational poster meme featuring a photo of Lucille Ball hamming it up. The caption read: She […]

Austin City Limits: Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela gained a new fan last night. Their performance on Austin City Limits was entertaining, entrancing, and enjoyable. I love their chemistry onstage. Now I’m not the greatest guitar player in the world, but I do understand the principles of playing with other people and finding the balance between instruments. It is not […]

Preview — Austin City Limits: Rodrigo y Gabriela

Tonight, Rodrigo y Gabriela will introduce their fusion of flamenco, jazz, and rock style music to the Austin City Limits audience. Before this week, I had never heard of them and had no clue what type of music to expect. After doing some research, I discovered the band originated in Mexico and traveled to Dublin, […]