Preview — Austin City Limits: Sonic Youth and the Black Keys

The New Year is on its way and I’m still enjoying the local channels while I’m home for the holidays. Tonight another episode of Austin City Limits will be on KACV at 10PM featuring Sonic Youth and the Black Keys.

Two years ago, I had a stint on Amarillo College’s FM90 (you might remember the Beatle fanatic, Hilary Page, but maybe not). During the time that I worked there, I was exposed to many new and different types of music. Among the slew of bands, The Black Keys stood out to me; their song “Howlin’ For You” was a breath of fresh air! I can’t really remember if Sonic Youth was featured on FM90, but I’m anxious to see how their music matches up against the Black Keys.

The description on ACL’s website reads: Austin City Limits presents the evolution of electric guitar music with Sonic Youth and the Black Keys. Sonic Youth showcases the avant-garde rock of its latest album The Eternal, while the Black Keys highlights the classic blues rock of its recent record Brothers.

If you’re looking for something to watch and you want to listen to some new music played right here in the state of Texas, join me in watching Austin City Limits tonight!


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