Austin City Limits: Tom Waits

People actually sat through his concert… willingly? Tom Waits’ performance on Austin City Limits resembled that of an endurance test rather than a time of zen or relaxation for me. For the first time ever, I am “okay” with people functioning as songwriters and others as performers… and I’m slightly annoyed that Bob Dylan paved the way for musicians without voices. I do love me some Bobby D., though. My impression of Waits is that I understand why he has a cult following rather than a status in pop culture… and that his music isn’t for me. Don’t let my opinion sway your own — I will always give every musician a chance and I encourage everyone to do the same!

I have a tendency to stray from performers with odd ticks and habits — Waits has an interesting performing style. In the film world that would be Humphrey Bogart. Bogey does a great job in many films, but must he always leave trails of slobber on his leading lady’s lips? I’m irritated because my attention is drawn to those habits and it takes away from the experience. But, who am I to say these habits are wrong? I probably have one or two!

My experience wasn’t entirely awful. I was impressed by Waits’ skills on the piano — “Waltzing Matilda” was played beautifully and was refreshing; his saxophone player was talented, as well. The song from the perspective of a woman piqued my curiosity.. that is until I looked up the title on the internet …. “Silent Night/Christmas Card from a Hooker”. Who knows, he might grow on me one day.

This upcoming week I look forward to my time in the Panhandle with my family. I wish you all a Merry Christmas… but not a Happy New Year. I’ll see you guys in the blogosphere again before the New Year strikes with another viewing of Austin City Limits this upcoming Saturday on KACV. So… I’ll wish you a Happy New Year next time.

Until then…


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