Preview — Austin City Limits: Tom Waits

Sometimes I just want to sit. I know it sounds like I sit all the time (and I probably do), but I like just sitting and watching TV without assignments tacked onto it or the guilt of impending assignments hovering over me like a cloud of gloom and poorly marked essays. This Christmas vacation is devoted to sitting and watching the television I’ve missed since living in the Texas Panhandle.

So, what says Texas like Austin City Limits?  I’ve watched Austin City Limits for the majority of my life and I feel fortunate to have programming like ACL to give me a well-rounded musical taste and a variety of performances of people I will never see on the stage. For instance, tonight Tom Waits is performing and I want to sit and watch and not really think about it.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tom Waits, I’ll give you a short bio. Waits as a musician has been around as long as the early seventies, a few years prior to the birth of Austin City Limits. He’s relatively unknown in pop culture, but many of his songs have been covered by other artists. Tom Waits has been an innovator of music since the release of Swordfishtrombones and continues to influence the music industry in present years. He was recently nominated for a Grammy.

Sit with me and join me tonight @ 10 on KACV for a post-apocalyptic viewing of Austin City Limits featuring Tom Waits!


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