Magical Mystery Tour

As my 15-year-old self matured, I learned that the Beatles weren’t perfect.

I do not like “Revolution 9” at all.

I loathe “Wild Honey Pie”.

Their beards kind of gross me out.

The same can be said about Magical Mystery Tour… not my style.

Copyright: Apple Films, Ltd.

“Your Mother Should Know” Copyright: Apple Films, Ltd.

I’m sorry, but I love narrative structures. I love plots. I love escapism. The challenging and self-aware “art cinema” does not impress me. I can appreciate the Beatles’ creativity and their attempts to step outside the box to show their freedom during a time in which they were finally able to exist outside of a touring schedule. The musical numbers, on their own, were enjoyable and I had seem them before on YouTube, but the other sequences… yikes. A Hard Day’s Night and Help! are my cup of English Breakfast tea.

Magical Mystery Tour Revisited was fantastic. Paul, Ringo, and George’s commentary just proved my theories on art cinema and on the meaning behind their lyrics. They were just being spontaneous, winging it, and placing very little thought into the overall structure of the film. The pie chart used to signify certain scenes had no words and a smiley face on it, for Pete (Best)’s sake! So many people debate and argue about the genuine meaning of songs and their ulterior motives within the lyrics… when really, they were probably just goofing off.

The behind-the-scenes footage was lovely. I agree with Paul: one of the best scenes/pieces of footage is John Lennon allowing a little girl to flirt around and play with the feather in his hat. He’s always seemed rough around the edges to me and his gentility with the little girl was very touching. Then again, we’re talking about the same man who wrote “Julia” for his Mum.

Overall, I would urge any Beatles fan to watch it! They had interesting ideas and British humour is (for a select crowd) unbeatable. I strongly encourage everyone to watch Magical Mystery Tour Revisited if the show is aired again on KACV. The history behind anything is important to know and evaluate. You’ll also learn how The Beatles stole Christmas in 1967! Quite a feat unless you’re the Grinch, of course.


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