Preview — Magical Mystery Tour Revisited

Tonight is the night, Beatle fans. THE NIGHT! I cannot express the complete amount of excitement I feel for this night. Let me take you back several years to visit 15-year-old Hilary… here’s a visual:


I am not ashamed to show you this horrendous photo of me during my “awkward” years because I want you to see the sheer adoration I felt towards those four lads from Liverpool. A detailed schedule of my days back then: go online to Beatles message board, eat lunch and discuss the Beatles with my mom, call friends on telephone (who also love the Beatles), eat dinner with my family and endure relentless remarks about the Beatles’ drug use and the true meaning behind “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, play Beatles songs on guitar, go to bed. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I went on album listening binges and my Christmas list was incomplete without requesting a solo album from Paul or Postcards from the Boys by Ringo Starr. I think you probably get the picture now….

So, tonight, on KACV @ 8PM, they will be airing a program titled The Magical Mystery Tour Revisited and …. here’s the kicker … Magical Mystery Tour in its entirety. Seriously, PBS and KACV, this is the best Christmas gift you could offer for diehard Beatle fans. Magical Mystery Tour was virtually unavailable for years. Tonight, I will see how all of musical performances from “Blue Jay Way” to “I Am the Walrus” flow together in one mess of a film… for the first time ever. Join me in my excitement tonight with a viewing of this (possible?) masterpiece and check back on Saturday for a Double Take of Magical Mystery Tour Revisited!

And remember: they’ve got everything you need, satisfaction guaranteed!


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