Monthly Archives: December 2012

Preview — Austin City Limits: Sonic Youth and the Black Keys

The New Year is on its way and I’m still enjoying the local channels while I’m home for the holidays. Tonight another episode of Austin City Limits will be on KACV at 10PM featuring Sonic Youth and the Black Keys. Two years ago, I had a stint on Amarillo College’s FM90 (you might remember the […]

Austin City Limits: Tom Waits

People actually sat through his concert… willingly? Tom Waits’ performance on Austin City Limits resembled that of an endurance test rather than a time of zen or relaxation for me. For the first time ever, I am “okay” with people functioning as songwriters and others as performers… and I’m slightly annoyed that Bob Dylan paved […]

Preview — Austin City Limits: Tom Waits

Sometimes I just want to sit. I know it sounds like I sit all the time (and I probably do), but I like just sitting and watching TV without assignments tacked onto it or the guilt of impending assignments hovering over me like a cloud of gloom and poorly marked essays. This Christmas vacation is […]

Magical Mystery Tour

As my 15-year-old self matured, I learned that the Beatles weren’t perfect. I do not like “Revolution 9” at all. I loathe “Wild Honey Pie”. Their beards kind of gross me out. The same can be said about Magical Mystery Tour… not my style. I’m sorry, but I love narrative structures. I love plots. I […]

Preview — Magical Mystery Tour Revisited

Tonight is the night, Beatle fans. THE NIGHT! I cannot express the complete amount of excitement I feel for this night. Let me take you back several years to visit 15-year-old Hilary… here’s a visual: I am not ashamed to show you this horrendous photo of me during my “awkward” years because I want you […]

Preview — LENNONYC

Prepare yourselves for another slight deviation from film commentary. However, I might add that the person I am speaking of in this blog has been in several films including A Hard Day’s Night, Help!, and Let it Be to name a few… No, it’s not Sir Paul McCartney and it’s definitely not good ol’ Ringo. […]

Under the Streetlamp

In reference to my last blog and my incredibly classy taste in music, I will admit to one shameful phase in my life when I thought I needed to like something to be accepted: The Boy Band era. No, I’m not talking about the Jonas Brothers or One Direction or whatever whippersnappers listen to these […]