Preview — On Story: The Humor and Heart of Animation

Yawn! For some reason, I never take advantage of that “extra” hour involved in Daylight Savings Time — I always wind up staying up later and later into the evening. One day I’ll learn. Luckily, today has been very relaxing and tonight I plan on curling up to watch, you guessed it, the latest episode of ‘On Story’!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a little refresher of ‘On Story’, so in case you’ve just tuned in… ‘On Story’ is a production of the Austin Film Festival which focuses on past and present directors, producers, screenwriters, and anyone directly involved in the process of filmmaking. In the duration that I’ve been watching and blogging about ‘On Story’, I’ve learned so much about many of the beloved classics and contemporary classics ranging from The Graduate to Edward Scissorhands. This show will change your opinion, sometimes entirely, about the film industry and those in the spotlight and behind-the-scenes.

The latest episode involves a handful of men discussing the “Humor and Heart of Animation” in beloved productions like “Kung Fu Panda” and “King of the Hill”. There’s a short tagline at the end of the episode description: What fanciful adventures happen after we go to sleep? While I find the general idea of anything coming to life while I’m asleep disturbing, I do think a heartfelt storyline and animation can alleviate that discomfort. A freak experience with my Furby speaking without its batteries in the depths of my toy box as a child sort of turned Toy Story on its head for me.

Join me tonight at 5:30P on KACV for the latest episode of ‘On Story’ and come back tomorrow for a Double Take…


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