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Preview — Under the Streetlamp

In late 2008, I developed a deep appreciation for music during the Golden Era. I had just received my license six months prior and, frankly, I was going to listen to what I wanted to in my car. At the beginning of my driving career, my dad, being the kind gentleman that he is, agreed […]

On Story: “Tadpoles”

As usual, when I’m about to post something potentially controversial…. I’d like to clarify something beforehand: there are certain genres and subgenres of films that men are attracted to moreso than women (action, war, etc.) — I know women can like Saving Private Ryan and The Bourne Identity, but we’d all be crazy if we […]

Preview — On Story: “Tadpoles”

The idea of landing on the moon has been a part of film since a very early stage in cinema. George Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon in 1902 is a prime example of this speculation and wonderment. I’m almost positive when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in 1969, they were […]

On Story: “Raising Stakes, Reversals, and Payoffs”

Since I was a young girl, I wanted to be a writer. Novels, novellas, biographies, autobiographies, poetry, and song lyrics impress me. From the Southern style of Harper Lee to the brilliance of Bernie Taupin, I’ve always wished I could create something worthwhile and enjoy knowing the thought processes of these pen-wielding artists. In last […]

Preview — On Story: “Raising Stakes, Reversals, and Payoffs”

When asked about my favourite holiday films, I give your standard response: A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Miracle on 34th Street. Call it typical, but I adore seeing George Bailey lasso the moon or Ralphie Parker trampling down the stairs in his bunny suit. Not everyone gives such run-of-the-mill answers and the […]

On Story: “The Heart and Humor of Animation”

Animation is such a tricky subject to tackle and I’m sad to say ‘On Story’ was slightly disappointing due to its usual structuring. During every other episode I was able to follow the editing style, but this week I found their mix and match of clips to be disorienting. The hodge-podge of King of the […]

Preview — On Story: The Humor and Heart of Animation

Yawn! For some reason, I never take advantage of that “extra” hour involved in Daylight Savings Time — I always wind up staying up later and later into the evening. One day I’ll learn. Luckily, today has been very relaxing and tonight I plan on curling up to watch, you guessed it, the latest episode […]