Preview — On Story: “Creating Complex Characters”

Every year I hear about the latest, trendy television show on HBO and grumble because I don’t have the channel to understand the magnitude of these series — this year, I am completely without cable television, so thank goodness for PBS and their online archives! Anyhow, this week’s ‘On Story’ features Rodrigo Garcia. The name probably doesn’t ring an automatic bell, but let me name off some the projects he’s been involved with: Albert Nobbs (director), Six Feet Under (part time director), and his most successful HBO phenomenon In Treatment.

He’s worked on more shows on HBO than you care to devote your reading attention to, and that’s fine, but if you’re interested in any of the aforementioned works then you should catch this week’s episode of ‘On Story’ on KACV! On top of his admirable filmography, he will be discussing Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a man in which he can fully honour since Rodrigo is Gabriel’s son.

Now here is the portion of the blog where everyone can hang their head in shame: Rodrigo also discusses The Godfather, which… I’m sorry to say, I’ve never liked. I feel comfortable in saying this because I know my opinion will not deter anyone from loving it. I’ve faced the facts and The Godfather is, quite honestly, an offer many, many people cannot refuse. Garcia will be discussing the creation of complex characters of Godfather and Capote.

This episode sounds jam-packed with insight and memoriam, so don’t to miss out. Every week ‘On Story’ surprises me with new and exciting information! Let ‘On Story’ surprise you tonight at 5:30P on KACV! Don’t forget… I’ll be back with my Double Take tomorrow. Until next time, ladies and geraniums.


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