Preview — On Story: “Buck Henry: A Hollywood Story”

When you hear the name “Buck Henry”, what comes to mind? Sadly enough, I thought of Dick Lemon from 30 Rock. But then I thought, “Man, how cool is Tina Fey to hire such a talented writer to portray her father on her show!” Buck Henry is the mastermind behind many television shows and films, as well as an actor, and the star of this week’s episode of ‘On Story’.

In my last post, I discussed a keystone to cinema called The Production/Hays Code, which was a means of censorship to protect Hollywood from the government. As the Code made its way out of Hollywood, there were a handful of films in 1967 and ’68 that started testing those new boundaries and we have Buck Henry to thank for one of them: The Graduate. He adapted the novel and forever placed the tantalizing Mrs. Robinson into our lives. As a side note: do not watch The Graduate for the first time with your mother and grandmother when you are a teenager; the results are very awkward.

In this episode, Buck discusses everything from his involvement in Get Smart to his general distaste for collaboration… the latter is strange since he was nominated for an Academy Award alongside Warren Beatty for the 1978 film Heaven Can Wait. Perhaps he can also enlighten us on his enduring career as a guest host on Saturday Night Live. All of these works on his resumé lead to one thought: the man is hilarious.

Join me tonight at 5:30P on KACV for ‘On Story’ to see Buck Henry’s life in Hollywood and come back tomorrow for a Double Take!


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