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On Story: “Creating Complex Characters”

Like I said before, ‘On Story’ continues to top itself week after week. Sunday night’s episode featuring Rodrigo Garcia challenged both my knowledge and opinions of what it means to create complex characters and how to develop their stories. I agree with his opinion, for the most part, but I found a couple of flaws […]

Preview — On Story: “Creating Complex Characters”

Every year I hear about the latest, trendy television show on HBO and grumble because I don’t have the channel to understand the magnitude of these series — this year, I am completely without cable television, so thank goodness for PBS and their online archives! Anyhow, this week’s ‘On Story’ features Rodrigo Garcia. The name […]

On Story: “Buck Henry: A Hollywood Story”

My projections were slightly astray in regards to the topics Buck Henry discussed on this week’s episode of ‘On Story’. No mentions of Saturday Night Live, but he did discuss The Graduate in-depth. I must say, I’ve never fully grasped the appeal of the film, but I do acknowledge the genius of the film as […]

Preview — On Story: “Buck Henry: A Hollywood Story”

When you hear the name “Buck Henry”, what comes to mind? Sadly enough, I thought of Dick Lemon from 30 Rock. But then I thought, “Man, how cool is Tina Fey to hire such a talented writer to portray her father on her show!” Buck Henry is the mastermind behind many television shows and films, […]

On Story: “The Silence of the Lambs”

A word to the wise: never, ever in the course of your life watch The Silence of the Lambs while you’re eating spaghetti for lunch. I made this mistake on the weekend as I was preparing myself to watch the latest episode of ‘On Story’. You see, my parents never had an issue with exposing […]

Preview — On Story: “The Silence of the Lambs”

It’s that time again, folks! Another Sunday and another episode of ‘On Story’ this afternoon. Today’s episode comes at an appropriate time of the year. October is filled with candy corn, costumes, and our film preferences drift to the horrific and terrifying. In 1991, The Silence of the Lambs became a sleeper hit with its […]

On Story: “The Heart of a Film”

To begin, I’d like to set aside the qualms I had with the latest episode of ‘On Story’. The episode description deems Edward Scissorhands and Toy Story “classics”. Classic is a term I find to be overused and improperly used. By definition, cultural classics become classics once they reach twenty years of age and continue […]