Preview – Broadway or Bust: “And the winner is…”

The day has finally arrived! “And the winner is….” marks the last installment of ‘Broadway or Bust’ and I hate to see the show leave so soon. We can all find solace in knowing this episode will be jam-packed with talent, heartbreak, and — of course — two winners!

Thinking back to my first grade performance of “The Three Little Pigs”, I remember feeling very nervous and once we hit the stage, somehow, everything we had worked for came together. To this day, I can remember the rhyme I was required to recite and something tells me these high schoolers on Broadway or Bust will never struggle to remember this time in their young lives.

If you’d like a sneak peek, take a look:

Last week, I predicted Brittany and Joshua to take home the crown, the gold, the trophy, and the title of pure, unadulterated talent on the Broadway scene! Hopefully my predictions will pull through as I truly believe these kids have a future in this career-field and the ability to mould and grow to be the next star. Don’t forget to watch ‘Broadway or Bust’ tonight at 7P on KACV and see you after the show!


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