Broadway or Bust: “Boot Camp”

How do some shows last years and others — like ‘Broadway or Bust‘ — only consist of three episodes?! “Boot Camp” left me in the worst way possible! I need to know what happens and I need to know immediately.

As promised, I’ve developed a concrete standing on who I feel possesses the all-around package to win the competition in ‘Broadway or Bust’. My standards are high, to say the least, as I admire talents ranging from the proclaimed “World’s Greatest Entertainer”, Miss Judy Garland, to the contemporary power house, Kristin Chenoweth. On a side note, both ladies stand confidently at a mere four feet and eleven inches, so maybe that should also be a pre-requisite for the contestants in the competition, no?

I must premise my choices with a bit of a disclaimer because, in many respects, comparing these talented high schoolers is like comparing apples to oranges. Some of their performances exceed others in comedic ares while others, like Brittany, convey most of their talent through raw emotion and singing.

My Top Choices

Actor: Joshua Grosso

Honourable Mention: Evan Greenberg

In the first episode, I was skeptical of Josh’s capabilities and confidence in himself. He has a nervousness at the end of his performances and allows his reason for being there (as a runner up) to overshadow genuine talent. However, in this episode, when the singing coach required him to perform two songs with very different emotion, I knew he had the ability to grip an audience’s heart. The one flaw I find in Josh is his dancing abilities. Maybe this was an oversight on PBS’s part, but the show generally neglects showing all three talents in one person (singing, dancing, and acting).

Actress: Brittany Dankwa

Honourable Mention: Alli Kramer

Brittany is clearly favoured by the producers of ‘Broadway or Bust’ and it’s probably because she has undeniable strength in the vocal area of the full package. Also, she melds well with the coaches and directors. One of the most important attributes an actor or actress can possess is the ability to be directed and work as a cog in the machine of the entire production. During this episode, Brittany proved her ability to change and be changed by those trying to build her up and I think, above everyone else, her performance was the paramount of the entire episode.

So, next week, we will find out who the winner is… Let me know who you think it will be! If you missed this week’s episode, be sure to check out Broadway or Bust’s website.

Until next time, ladies and geraniums…


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