Preview – Broadway or Bust: “Boot Camp”

So, the next episode of ‘Broadway or Bust’ is titled “Boot Camp”. Let me tell ya, these high schoolers have already exceeded my durability even in the first episode. I generally avoid anything which requires endurance or patience; embarrassingly enough, I took the required class at Amarillo College instead of attending Badger Boot Camp…

Anyhow, in the new episode we can look forward to rehearsals which will, undoubtedly, place a strain on the heartwarming tone of the show. The preview implies that many of the contestants will push forward while others will fall behind. You can take a look here:

There’s nothing like stress and judgement to bring out the true nature of a teenager. Or in my case, there’s nothing like an empty stomach to cause Hilary to morph into an angry bear. However, based on the talent, I believe the judges of this competition have their work cut out for them.

As I said last week, these students are humble enough to recognize the talent of their surrounding peers. I’m anxious to see if their interactions continue to be humble and uplifting or if the pressure will eat away at their ability to work together as a team.

Following the show, I plan on “playing favourites” and I will let you know who I have my eye on. If you already have a cast member you enjoy or — let’s be honest — don’t enjoy, leave me a comment!

Don’t miss tonight’s episode of ‘Broadway or Bust’ airing at 7P! See you again soon.


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