Broadway or Bust: “The Casting Call”

Let me premise this blog with something I never thought I would say: I was wrong. Shocking, I know, but after viewing the first episode of ‘Broadway or Bust’ a slice of humble pie with a dollop of whipped cream was placed at my table. Perhaps the preview was a bit misleading, but hey, I was more inclined to watch the show due to the highly strung and emotional appearance of the cast! Now, what does that say about me?

‘Broadway or Bust’ was surprisingly heartwarming. When reality television merges with competition, I immediately think of disturbingly glamorous four-year-olds and their pageant moms waddling around and guiding their child to stardom. Fortunately, the cast of ‘Broadway or Bust’ lies on the opposite end of the spectrum. Each student was the star of their high school production and none possess an egotistical or overtly dramatic personality — on top of everything, their families are highly encouraging. I was also impressed by their modesty in acknowledging the talent of their peers and willingness to work together as a team for the crowning moments of the opening and closing numbers of the final production.

The first episode relays select individuals’ desire to achieve their Broadway dream and many of the their backstories were inspiring. Some of the contestants hail from broken homes while others, like Sabaa, are breaking away from a lineage of family expectations to pursue the Arts. If you remember from Mr. Holland’s Opus, there is never money in the Arts regardless of talent and its entertainment value; I know I can relate to her journey in pursuing something that is truly “make it or break it”. ‘Broadway or Bust’ delves into the lives of dreamers which is why I found it so endearing and designed for a wide range of viewers… even if you don’t know every Rodger’s and Hammerstein production by heart.

As an added bonus if you do know the Broadway scene and musical theatre, I was pleased by the variety of music available in the show! Everything from the Book of Mormon to Dracula: the Musical and, let me tell you, these kids can sing.

Needless to say, I’m waiting on tenterhooks for the next episode! Be sure to visit their website and join me again for a Double Take of episode two. Until next week…


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