Preview: ‘Broadway or Bust’

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing the Broadway cast of “WICKED” perform in Kitchener, Ontario. The sets, costumes, music, and casting were top of the line and I left the theatre with a satisfaction rivaling that of a stomach full of homemade pumpkin pie.

Since I can remember, my parents and sister raised me on “the theatre” at the Amarillo Little Theater and occasional performances at Amarillo College. On-stage acting in front of a live audience night-after-night impressed me because every little movement counted and the actors and actresses knew their marks, lines, and expressions down-pat. While I am a true lover of film, I believe the task of remembering your part beyond a few takes requires a higher level of talent and I applaud the handful of people capable of putting on a show for months at a time with an instantaneous critical response delivered by audience reaction. Face it, that takes guts.

So, when I saw the PBS program “Broadway or Bust” in their programming line-up, I knew the show was dressed to impress anyone who enjoys show business. Take a look here:

Think about it: high schoolers (stereotypically dramatic), drama students (the word ‘drama’ is in their title), and reality TV combined in one neat little package… please tell me what could provide more entertainment. Snookie? No way. These teenagers were modified to entertain all audiences upon entering the world if Broadway is their life’s calling.

The first episode airs tomorrow (Sept. 9th) at 7PM and I’m anxious to see which high schoolers will let their light shine and make a name for him/herself. These kids could be the next Sweeney Todd or Elphaba. For more information, check out Broadway or Bust’s homepage:

Don’t forget to join me for a Double Take of Broadway or Bust after each episode throughout the month of September!



  1. Driskle Ammons · · Reply

    Hilary-I love everything you write! A brilliant young mind I must say!! PRNG Yeah,Yeah, Yeah

    1. Aww, thank you! And thanks for reading. 🙂

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