The PBS Online Film Festival comes to a close today. As I was trying to decide my overall choice to encourage others to consider, I realized the overwhelming number of quality short films I watched over the past week. Calls From Home: Prison Radio in Appalachia andYou’re Dead to Me all spoke to me on […]

If anyone has been kind enough to endure my blog posts in the past, you will have learned by now that I’m quite the klutz… Today, I type to you with one hand as I have somehow managed to damage my left shoulder and my arm is now in a sling. I’m telling you this, […]

In March 2013, I had the privilege of blogging about the second annual PBS Online Film Festival.  Through this event I learned about topics ranging from issues facing Africans identifying as LGBT and seeking asylum from oppression in their country to the curious lives of cats and their perspective of the world. The line-up this […]

After a chaotic week of convocation and family visiting me in the Great White North (which has since melted into a luscious green wonderland), I finally had the opportunity to view this week’s episode of On Story. How lucky we are to live in a world where your favourite shows can be streamed online! As […]

What do a clown targeting children’s fears, a living car, and a haunted hotel have in common? Their creator: Stephen King. King is one of the—if not THE—most well-known authors in the horror genre of literature.  If you’ve seen a horror film, you’ve likely seen an adaptation of his works. The man has written so […]

As promised, I watched both On Story and the first few episodes of Breaking Bad. My opinions speak volumes to the importance and greatness of On Story because I wish I had watched the interview with Vince Gilligan before the episodes. Hearing a creator touch on the relationship to his or her creation is, perhaps, […]

There must be something terribly wrong with me because I am resistant to new television series. Most of the time, a series must end and I wait for the ripple effect of the show in conversation to see if it was just a fad or something worth my time. If you think I’m joking, I […]