When a decent television series pops up on Netflix, I pounce on them like a famished tiger in fear of it being removed before I finish the show. This past month, a series I’ve always enjoyed but have seen too few episodes appeared on the Recently Added section and I leapt at the opportunity. House […]

On Tuesday night, Pioneers of Television delved into the world of standup comedians and the successful sitcoms that followed. Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Home Improvement, Roseanne… names synonymous with 1990s long-running television series and they spawned from the stand-up careers of their lead actors (and actresses). There are many reasons to love Pioneers of Television, […]

I like to believe I’m a funny person. If not, at least I amuse myself, but I seem to make people laugh. My goofiness, well… I owe that to my mother whose impersonation of Joe Piscopo inquiring “I’m from Joisey! You from Joisey?” always makes me laugh; the quick-wit, that has gotten me into trouble […]

Yesterday, I wrote about the entertainment value of the biopic in opposition to its historical accuracy. Again, movies are like CliffsNotes next to the original story, do some research if learning or knowledge is your goal because Hollywood can (and will) exaggerate. For this blog, I’d like to dwell on the entertainment aspect of biographical […]

Biographical films or “biopics” grace the theatre multiple times in a year. They can be raving successes, such as The Social Network (2010), or complete duds, like Hitchcock (2012), based on their production quality and audience appeal. Devotees of a specific person or event will gnash their teeth as historical inaccuracies flit across the screen […]

For this blog on the universal language of comedy, I watched the original film and adaptation of Death at a Funeral with nearly identical scripts to compare and contrast. The difficulty, and perhaps blessing, I found in writing this blog is the amount of similarities between the two which contributes to the idea of comedy […]

It’s currently essay season at school and I need a laugh. What? You, too? I have a hard time believing The Office has been off the air for almost a year. I actually got into the series because my brother-in-law introduced it to my family one evening. Oddly enough, the two characters that maintained my […]


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